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The Most Important Step of SEO Strategy (It's easy!)

The most important first step in SEO strategy and local marketing is to create and verify your business listing with Google My Business. It's easy and free and the interface is simple and intuitive. I am continually surprised how many experienced business owners aren't using GMB.

The importance of Google My Business is essential for local SEO!

Every single expert agrees. Raj Nijjer, the VP Community at Yext says,

“… Critical… the centerpiece and fundamental to any local campaign… (your business) simply doesn’t exist if you don’t create a Google my business page for your local business…”

We all understand the increasing difficulty to get in front of our customers on Facebook and other social media channels. With recent algorithm changes, Facebook is making it harder and more expensive to market on their platform.  

Maps, SERPS and local business listings are growing as a one-stop-shop for local business information. Having a responsive, up to date website is extremely important, but serves as a content and data source as opposed to the only place to get your information.

Ready to get started! Here are a few simple reminders we find are often overlooked:

  • Verify your business listing

Don't see your business on google? Your business information isn't eligible to appear on google until you verify your listing. In order to be able to edit your business listing or take full advantage of the GMB tools, it is crucial to verify your listing. 

  • Is your information correct?

It is extremely important that the business name, address, phone number and other information are accurate and consistent. Make sure you are using the correct business name and do not add additional keywords, taglines, location information or unnecessary. Google will tag you as spam and suspend or remove your listing.

  • Utilize messaging

This is a great but often overlooked feature. When customers find your business on Google, It gives them the ability to text and live chat with you directly. Make sure to be responsive, customers will see your average response time.

Google My Business Messaging works using a mobile phone number. If you aren't excited about receiving work texts on a personal line, you can use the Google Allo app. 

  • Create posts

GMB Posts are a great feature to promote content to your customers. Google Posts is like a Facebook post but free and with a wider reach. With Posts, you have the ability to showcase product, share current specials or promote events for your business with various available call-to-actions. Posts show up in google search results and maps and expire seven days after posting.

The simplicity of setting up posts makes it easy for small businesses to experiment and see what works for them. 

Any questions about Google or SEO, get in touch!