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Why We Love Squarespace (and you will too)

It's no secret we are huge Squarespace fans. We use Squarespace for almost all of our web design clients and they always end up loving Squarespace too! We frequently are asked about Squarespace vs. Wordpress and various other web building platforms. Here are a few of our favorite things about Squarespace! 

1. Built-In SEO

In our experience, SEO is completely overwhelming and mysterious for most clients. Squarespace relieves most of that anxiety because SEO best practices are automatically built into every Squarespace website, they take care of the entire backend for you. There is no need for Yoast or plugins, a site map is automatically generated, Squarespace offers free SSL and uses clean, indexable HTML markup. Images are easy to add <alt> and <title> tags and all image descriptions are converted to <alt> tags. 

Probably the most valuable SEO feature is that every single Squarespace website is completely responsive. Google has recently announced that responsive, mobile friendly sites rank higher in searches. Unfortunately, the interwebs are still littered with outdated, unresponsive websites. (No, a desktop site with a mobile version is not responsive). Considering that 55% of online traffic is on a mobile device and that number is rising every day, it is not optional to have a responsive website!

2. No Updates or Maintenance

Many of our clients have come to us with Wordpress maintenance issues and end up converting to Squarespace for this reason alone. Squarespace takes care of all of the backend maintenance and security for their websites. When using Wordpress, you are responsible for regular updates and maintenance if a plugin breaks. If the plugin developer isn't providing updates for their products, your entire site can break requiring an expensive developer to fix the problem.

We recently designed a Squarespace website for a client that came to us with a mess of a Wordpress site. The site was completely broken and and nonfunctional, not okay! We quickly put up a landing page while we sorted things out. This was an extremely tech savvy client that had been maintaining their website on their own for a few years.

We ended up completely redesigning his site on Squarespace because there was so much broken and so many outdated plugins, that it was more economical to completely start from scratch than to repair the old site. We've heard countless horror stories of people being locked out of their admin panel on Wordpress, with their site being down and no one to turn to because Wordpress support is a bit, ahem, "lacking".

We haven't even touched on security issues with other platforms and hosting. I'm sure by now everyone has heard the story about how the backend of a Wordpress site was hacked and used for an illegal drug ring? I kid you not.

3. Support

Squarespace blows away any competition with their unrivaled customer support. Wordpress doesn't even offer support unless you upgrade your plan. Even if you are on an upgraded plan, most of their products are designed by independent developers, so there is only so much help Wordpress can offer.

With Squarespace, you don't have to deal with a call center in India, you'll be helped  by professionals that know their stuff inside and out! There is live chat available almost around the clock and 24/7 email support. I've never had a question that wasn't answered within the hour! They have excellent detailed help guides and videos available that pretty much answer any question our clients have ever had.

4. Clients Can Make Changes Themselves

We don't just build client websites, we train them on how to use Squarespace and make changes themselves. Most of our clients love being able to add images, edit copy or change seasonal products on their online store. The backend is straightforward and intuitive and maintaining a blog doesn't require a web development degree! Most of our clients love that they don't have to pay every single time they want to make a small change or edit.

Of course, we also have clients that don't have the time or interest to tweak their website themselves, we are happy to provide that service as well!

We hope this helped a little if you are deciding where to build your business!